Almond Butter

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Winner of a 2015 Southern Living Food Award! 

Palm free
Heirloom Mission Almonds, Raw Organic Wildflower Honey, Jacobsen Sea Salt

**Recipe: Mark's Almond Butter Pesto**

Almond trees have been cultivated in the United States since the mid-1700’s when Franciscan Padres planted the first seedlings brought over from Spain. Almonds flourished here, particularly in California, where they became an important element of the state’s agricultural and culinary identity.

The heirloom Mission variety almond, discovered in Texas in 1891, derives from a single chance seedling. Literally a late bloomer with smaller, denser buds and shorter, darker kernels than larger, more popular and “attractive” varieties such as Nonpareil, Mission almonds like a longer, slower roast time and offer a deeper, more concentrated flavor. We think Mission almonds are perfect for almond butter, and we hope you agree! Made only with freshly roasted and milled Mission almonds blended with raw wildflower honey and sea salt, our Almond Butter is intentionally simple and straight-up delicious.

Signature Color: Almond Tree Leaf Green

13oz Jar 

Allergen Info: Contains almonds. May contain traces of coconut & peanuts.